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We proudly present our latest product "THE SCHNELL KOMPOSTER"

How It Works

Schnell Komposter in German means "Fast Composter". The Schnell Komposter falls in the category of "in-vessel" composting. Using an accelerated composting process a volume reduction of 90% and thereby 10% of compost generation is achieved in 24 hours.

Our composter is an "intelligent" system that acts on the direction of the sensors placed inside the machine and thereby achieving the following - No manual intervention thus saving on labour costs and Automated execution thus saving power and maintenance costs.

The lone rejects in this method of composting is the harmless water-vapour that is neatly expelled thru the connection to the sewerage/drainage.

The machine composts waste using an energy-efficient and automated control process. The system employs high temperature micro-organisms to decompose food waste and organic matter. This is accomplished without the need of repeated additions of micro-organisms or other additives to the composting champer eve.

Normal mixed food waste should take no longer than 24 hours to virtually disappear. The end products is nutrient rich organic compost which can be used gardening organic faming purpose.