We proudly present our latest product "THE SCHNELL KOMPOSTER"

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I determine the right model?

A general thumb rule used for for apartments/households is 0.5-0.7 kg waste generated per day. Other establishments such as hotels, canteens and corporate houses would have to be calculated based on an average over a 10-15 day period.

2. What are your available models?

Our current line of models are the S-25, S-75, S-150 and S-250. The number on each of them stands for the waste generated per day. For e.g. if an apartment community has 125 homes then the waste generated per day would be approx. 75kgs. Hence they would have to opt for the S-75 model.

3. What is the time taken to convert wastes fully to compost?

Assuming that the wastes are not oversized for e.g. whole pumpkins, jackfruits, banana core stems etc. the rage time taken would be 24 hours.

4. What are the wastes that can be composted?

Anything that is biodegradable. Pre-processed vegetable and animal wastes, food leftovers (veg/non-veg). Exceptions are large bones, banana core stems and a few others.

5. What is the volume reduction that can be achieved at the end of 24 hours?

Approx. 90% volume reduction can be achieved.

6. How is a 90% volume reduction achieved?

Through an accelerated composting process - a combination of indirect heating and one-time installation of patented thermophilic bacteria working in an aerobic environment.

7. What are the materials that need to be replenished on a daily or frequent basis?

None. As long as some thermophilic bacteria remains nothing has to be replaced or added.

8. What is the operating cost of this machine?

Only electricity charges. No additional operating charged.

9. What are the extra (hidden) charges apart from the basic list price?

Transportation charges on actuals, applicable taxes (VAT) are extra. Installation and commissioning is included in the list price.