About us

We proudly present our latest product "THE SCHNELL KOMPOSTER"

About Machine

Urban Solutions is a company founded with an aim to provide sustainable, eco-friendly affordable solutions to the problems that millions of people face as direct result of rapid urbanization by using cutting-edge technology.

We have our manufacturing facility in the heart of MIDC bhosari in pune where we have developed our latest product the schnell komposter.

The Schnell Komposter is a fully automated machine which transforms your wet waste into organic compost in 24 hrs. It is designed for rapid composting performance. The one-toch control is fully automatic, sensing composting status and providing feedback and control to the operation without the need of constant human supervision.

The entire operation is fully automatic, nosie-free, odour-free and does not generate any harmful gases or by-products.


Reuse yesteryear, recycle the current, save the near future

We are part of the solutions


  • As much as 90% volume reduction of food solid waste.
  • Low labour cost, automated function and full operation can be accomplished by one person for any model.
  • No wastewater.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Odour-Free.
  • Noise-Free

Benefits For

  • Apartments & Complexes

  • Hotel &

  • Restaurents

  • School & Colleges

  • Company Canteens

  • Hospitals

  • Townships

  • Municipal Corporations